Reading James Joyce's Finnegans Wake

Unterberg Poetry Center Writing Program

92nd Street Y, New York City

February-March 2015 — Sunday 2:00-5:00

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James Joyce. Finnegans Wake. 1939. Any printing with 628 pages.

(optional) Roland McHugh. Annotations to Finnegans Wake. 3rd edition. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006.

(optional) Joseph Campbell and Henry Morton Robinson. A Skeleton Key to Finnegans Wake. Viking Press, 1944; New World Library, 2013.

(optional) Edmund Lloyd Epstein. A Guide Through Finnegans Wake. University Press of Florida, 2009.


February 8 - the stories of The Mookse and the Gripes (pp. 152-159; part of Book 1, Chapter 6) and Jarl van Hoother and the Prankquean (pp. 21-29; part of Book 1, Chapter 1)

February 15 - no class

February 22 - the chapter of riddles (pp. 126-168; Book 1, Chapter 6)

March 1 - the Anna Livia Plurabelle chapter (pp. 196-216; Book 1, Chapter 8)

March 8 - excerpts from the Shem the Penman chapter (pp. 169-175 and 185-187; parts of Book 1, Chapter 7) and the book's beginning (pp. 3-7; part of Book 1, Chapter 1) and end (pp. 619-628; part of Book 4)


I've prepared a brief set of introductory notes on Finnegans Wake, available here.

Lots of Fun:

After class, please come to the Kinsale Tavern, 1672 3rd Ave. (between 93 and 94 Sts.) to continue discussing Finnegans Wake (or anything else) more informally.