Hopkins Guide 1st ed cover

The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism, 1st edition

edited by Michael Groden and Martin Kreiswirth

Johns Hopkins University Press, 1994

"Nothing quite matches this in scope and depth. Taken as a whole, the guide provides a synoptic overview of literary theory from a twentieth-century Western point of view. The articles are succinct and pointed." (Jeffrey R. Luttrell)  

"A superlative work of reference that can be read for information, and not just another overview. It provides a comprehensive historical survey of ideas and scholars from Plato to modern times, examining developments in other disciplines which have shaped literary theory and criticism." (Shelley Walla)

"An uncommonly absorbing reference book that attempts to map changes wrought by an anxious new worldliness and self-consciousness among scholars, which the term 'theory' connotes. . . . For writers and critics, The Johns Hopkins Guide is a must, but every committed reader will want to own it."." (San Francisco Chronicle)

out of print, superseded by 2nd edition; check for available used copies