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"Ulysses" in Focus: Genetic, Textual, and Personal Views

Florida James Joyce Series, University Press of Florida, 2010

"To read Groden is to think differently about reading and being: to suspect that a book, like a life, might be the sum of its untaken roads." (Paul K. Saint-Amour)

"This is an engaging, reflective,and highly personal set of essays and recollections by a leading Joyce Scholar. It urges us to see Ulysses not as a finished monument but as a mobile piece of writing in constant dialogue with its own processes of composition." (Anne Fogarty)

"In its quiet way, the book does what only one other book (Declan Kiberd's Ulysses and Us) has been able to do: bring together in one place both the meaning of the book and the deeply personal reasons for reading it." (William M. Chace)

"Groden's study is vitally important . . . The intertwining of the critical with the personal for an exploration of someone like Joyce is deeply significant, because of the way he created his works, specifically and self-consciously using details of his own life and the lives of the people around him." (Frank C. Manista)

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