Review of ‘Ulysses’ in Bloom: The Necessary Fict
Ulysses in Progress cover

"Ulysses" in Progress

Princeton University Press, 1977; Princeton Legacy Library paperback, 2014

"A model of critical composition . . . Phillip Herring is doubtless right in stating that Groden's will be 'the standard work on this subject for many years to come.' . . . Michael Groden's fine book must . . . be read on its own terms, as a study of style. As such it is a paradigm." (Margaret Church)

"No one interested in the problems of Ulysses can afford to ignore this book." (J.S. Atherton)

"'Ulysses' in Progress is exciting to anybody who cares for good scholarly writing. I find it one of the most important and useful books on Ulysses." (Vivian Mercier)
Joyce: Before, During, After

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