JAMES JOYCE (1882-1941)



The texts of Ulysses and Finnegans Wake are available at "Finnegans Web: A Webified Version of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake," created by Donald Theall and maintained at Trent University.

The International James Joyce Foundation, Ohio State University - includes The James Joyce Resource Center and Joyce and Copyright FAQs
The James Joyce Centre, Dublin
The Infography
, a Joyce bibliography by Michael Groden
The James Joyce Checklist, a searchable and browsable database of citations and links to publications relevant to Joyce, maintained by William S. Brockman
Hypermedia Joyce Studies, edited by David Vichnar (Louis Armand, founding editor)

The Ulysses Tables - an online version of The "Ulysses" Pagefinder - conversion guide between the Gabler edition of Ulysses and other editions and between the Gabler edition and manuscript reproductions. The Tables can be downloaded as PDF files from Split Pea's Web site. Click on "Publications" at the bottom and then on "Ulysses Tables" and "Archive Tables" at the left.

For a census of Internet and Web sites in the 1990s devoted to Joyce, see Michael Groden, "Flying By the Net: James Joyce in Cyberspace (1)." James Joyce Quarterly 35, No. 1 (Fall 1997): 129-47 [published summer 1998 - reasonably full listing for that time, drastically out of date since then]. This census is also available on the Web.

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