Telemachus: Details that Recur

Some details worth remembering from the episode — they will appear again later:

omphalos (1:176)
—And no more turn aside and brood / Upon love's bitter mystery / For Fergus rules the brazen cars. (1:239-41)
A cloud began to cover the sun slowly (1:248)
Liliata rutilantium . . . (1:276)
I am another now and yet the same. (1:311-12)
key (1:322 and elsewhere)
Agenbite of inwit. (1:481)
He proves by algebra that Hamlet's grandson . . . (1:555-57)

Some details in this episode that have appeared earlier:

Cranly's arm. His arm. (1:159; see A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, chapter 5)

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