Calypso: Details that Recur

Some details worth remembering from the episode — they will appear again later:

Molly's first word (or sound): "Mn." (4:57)
the jingling bed frame (4:59)
Bloom's hat: "Plasto's high grade ha" (4:70)
Bloom's latchkey (4:72)
his potato (4:73)
his idea for a tramline to carry cattle (4:109-10)
the songs that are mentioned:
      La ci darem
(a duet from Mozart's Don Giovanni) (4:314)
      Love's Old Sweet Song (4:314)
      Boylan's song about seaside girls (4:408-9, 437-43)
Bloom worrying about how Molly pronounces "Voglio" (from Mozart) (4:327)
"Met him" (Molly's attempt to pronounce "metempsychosis") and her exclamation "O rocks!" (4:336, 343)

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