Lotus Eaters: Details that Recur

Some details worth remembering from the episode — they will appear again later:

Plumtree's Potted Meat (5:144-47)
from Martha Clifford's letter:
      her threat to punish Bloom (5:244, 251)
      asking about Molly's perfume (5:258 + 5:500)
the soap that Bloom buys (5:510)
Bloom to Bantam Lyons: "I was just going to throw it away" (5:534)

Some details in this episode that have appeared earlier:

M'Coy (5:82; see "Grace" in Dubliners)
Hoppy Holohan (5:96; see "A Mother" in Dubliners)
Bantam Lyons (5:523; see "Ivy Day in the Committee Room" in Dubliners)

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