Hades: Details that Recur

Some details worth remembering from the episode — they will appear again later:

Rudy (6:72-84)
Poor old Athos! Be good to Athos. (6:125)
Boylan's straw hat (6:199)
Keys: like Keyes' ad. (6:740-41)
the man in the macintosh (6:805, 825, 891-98)
Bloom's conversation with the reporter Hynes (6:878-98)

Some details in this episode that have appeared earlier:

Martin Cunningham (6:1; see "Grace" in Dubliners)
Mr Power (6:2; Jack Power: see "Grace" in Dubliners)
Simon (6:4; Simon Dedalus: see A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man)
my patience are exhausted (6:170; see 5:255)
Plasto's (6:191; see 4:68-70, 5:23-24)
tramline from the parkgate to the quays (6:400-1; see 4:109-10)
Mr Kernan (6:503; Tom Kernan: see "Grace" in Dubliners)
John O'Connell's keys (6:716; see 1:721-22, 4:72-73)
Joe Hynes (6:719; see "Ivy Day in the Committee Room" in Dubliners)
seaside girls (6:784-85; see 4:437-43)
Mrs Sinico's funeral (6:997; see "A Painful Case" in Dubliners)

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