Aeolus: Details that Recur

Some details worth remembering from the episode — they will appear again later:

The opera Martha and the aria Co-ome thou lost one, / Co-ome thou dear one! (7:58-60)

Some details in this episode that have appeared earlier:

Lenehan (7:387; see "Two Gallants" in Dubliners)
O'Madden Burke (7:505; see "Grace" in Dubliners)
On swift sail flaming / etc. (7:522-25, 7:711-24; see 3:397 407)
Bullockbefriending bard. (7:528; see 2:431)
Whose mother is beastly dead. (7:583-83; see 1:198-99)
Ignatius Gallaher (7:626-77; see "A Little Cloud" in Dubliners)
Nightmare from which you will never awake. (7:678; see 2:377)

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