Eumaeus: Details that Recur

Some details in this episode that have appeared earlier:

Corley (16:129; see "Two Gallants" in Dubliners)
Mulligan's "rescue of that man from certain drowning" (16:292; see 3:317-20)
the once famous Skin-the-Goat, Fitzharris, the Invincible (16:323-24; see 7:640-42)
lend me your valise and I'll post you the ticket (16:523-24; see 5:149)
many phrases from Sweets of Sin and Molly's morning conversation in 16:1465-75; see 10:608-17, 4:326 and 336)
pump Stephen about Miss Ferguson (16:1559-60; see 15:4929-51 and 1:239-41)
that mongrel in Barney Kiernan's (16:1790-91; see 12:119 20 and 704-55, 13:232-33)

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