Nausicaa: Comments by Joyce

is written in a namby-pamby jammy marmalady drawersy (alto là!) style with effects of incense, mariolatry, masturbation, stewed cockles, painter's palette, chitchat, circumlocutions, etc. etc. Not so long as the others."

(letter from Joyce to Frank Budgen, 3 January 1920,
1:135, Selected Letters, p. 246)

"Dear Aunt Josephine: . . . I want that information about the Star of the Sea Church, has it ivy on its seafront, are there trees in Leahy's terrace at the side or near, if so, what, are there steps leading down to the beach? I also want all the information you can give, tittletattle, facts etc about Holles Street maternity hospital. Two chapters of my book remain unfinished till I have these . . ."

(letter from Joyce to his aunt, Mrs. William Murray, February 1920,
1:136, Selected Letters, p. 248)